Saturday, September 28, 2019

Violence in the Twentieth Century West Research Paper

Violence in the Twentieth Century West - Research Paper Example This report stresses that the forced collectivization of agriculture during the Stalin’s revolution was responsible for the mass killings that followed. The collectivization involved the peasant farmers combining their small farms to form one large piece of farm that would then be operated in accordance with the government’s regulations. The farmers who had heavily invested in their farms like the Kulaks resisted the idea of combining the farms, as they would be disadvantaged when combined with individuals whose lands were of poor quality. Out of brutality and ego centric form of leadership Stalin embarked in what he called the eradication of the whole clan of the Kulaks. He firmly believed that the entire clan was an enemy to his collectivization efforts and he did not see any other way to deal with them apart from eliminating them. The result was violence and political intolerance that resulted to mass killings which when combined with the other fights served to ensur e that millions of death characterized the early twentieth century. This paper makes a conclusion that the number of people who died unnatural deaths in the beginning of the twentieth century mainly from violence and political oppression was large and was mainly attributed to war, which was inevitable. Therefore, during this era war was celebrated by the people and was generally welcomed by majority of the people who did not see any other way they could live at peace apart from through war.

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