Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Managerial Applications of Technology (Emerging IT Trends) 2 Assignment

Managerial Applications of Technology (Emerging IT Trends) 2 - Assignment Example This can therefore be termed as the current trend in business. It is important that a business adheres to emerging trends in all aspects. Adhering is not sufficient; rather, there are certain advantages which come with adopting them earlier. These include being ahead of competitors, or reaping the most out of business before the said information technology trend expires or is shared amongst many users. This means that waiting to see how an emerging trend will transpire is not the best idea since a business entity may end up adopting it late, or after competitors have gained the upper hand (Reynolds, 2010). There are, however risks involved, such as adopting the information technology trend, then it fails, or does not auger as expected. This therefore categorizes the trend as a risk. One potential occurrence is that an organization may adopt an emerging trend which may not be acceptable, or may impact negatively on it. For example, a business may convert to an online entity upon which there may be less client visits or sales since technology is not available to everyone. It is therefore important that managers take caution before embracing emerging (new) information technology trends. Certain considerations can be made, such as â€Å"testing† them before applying them (Doyle, 2000). These can be done by analyzing or forecasting what is likely to emerge from the application of a certain emerging trend. These would be effective in countering losses or inconveniences which may arise from applying the new trends, which lack experience. High, P. (2013, October 14). â€Å"Gartner: Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014.† Forbes. Retrieved on 4 July, 2014 from

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