Friday, September 27, 2019

In may 2010 the people of britain elected a new government, which was Essay

In may 2010 the people of britain elected a new government, which was a historic moment in British politics. Explain what has ch - Essay Example After one year of power people have now begun to weigh the change in terms of their aspirations and ambitions materialized. Though it might be considered a little early to evaluate the change, nonetheless the change is yet not as evident as masses desired it to be. Specially, the change in student fee structure has disappointed a large majority of public. The raise was fully backed by the Conservatives and partially by the Liberal Democrat MPs. The main idea is to give universities more financial liberty to face the challenges of the technological advancements and other changes at global level and thereby improve the quality of education. As the Prime Minister David Cameron has said in an interview, â€Å"We won't go back. Look, even if we wanted to, we shouldn't go back to the idea that university is free.† (Guardian, 2010) Thought the intend is good behind the change in fee structure but it is not gradual as most of the critics have pointed out. The maximum allowable annual fee is now ?9,000 which is too much for many poor students. The universities have shown there intend to increase the fees to a maximum allowable limit which can adversely affect the education system. The liberty provided by the government to these universities is said to be more than the needful.

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