Friday, September 13, 2019

Drilling fluid Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Drilling fluid - Essay Example The drilling fluid clogs the pores reducing the rocks permeability. This results into formation damage that reduces or prevents production from the reservoir rock after the completion of the well. Lost circulation is another issue that is caused due to creation of highly porous and permeable formation in the subsurface. The drilling fluid gets into the formation without forming up a filter cake. The lost circulation problem is solved by pumping down the fibrous materials such as ground pecan hulls, mica flakes, sugar cane hulls or even shredded cellophane material into the well. They get into the pore spaces of the lost-circulation formation and swell up there closing off the formation and solving the problem. Blowout is caused due to unexpected pressure in the subsurface and fluid comes out of the subsurface rocks known as Kick. With the water or oil flowing into the well gets mixed up with the drilling mud and makes it lighter exerting less pressure on the bottom. The blowout preventers are used to close the hole and to stop the Kick. The drilling mud is constantly monitored for its weight, electrical resistivity, or temperature to know if fluid is being cut by subsurface

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