Saturday, September 7, 2019

Exploring the nature of the Postmodern Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Exploring the nature of the Postmodern - Essay Example This transformation has seen the coming and passing of several seasons and eras which have always been defined by particular aspects of life. Modernism and modernity as periods in life were very instrumental in shaping up the destiny and the manner of life in the ages they erupted. It is imperative to realize that such changes basically commence by transforming the mindset of humanity before progressively changing other aspects of life like culture, art, education and sport. In this transformational timescale, the latest era is the postmodern. Postmodernism has totally transmogrified the entire mannerisms and tenets that defined humanity in the earlier epochs. However, inasmuch as postmodernism is meant to be a solution to the basic concept of life, several arguments abound whether it has really been a positive trend it was meant to be. This certainly arises owing to the many issues that surround postmodernism and the several reservations and doubts raised by critics and cynics. That certainly begs the analysis of the whole concept of postmodernism to determine whether these doubts are justified and more importantly to seek into ways and means of making postmodernism an accepted agenda amongst all and sundry. No era in human civilization did transform the world more than modernity and modernism. When postmodernism gradually replaced modernism, its most notable characteristic was its subsequent attack of modernism. In a way, postmodernism is a formulated and calculated move that seeks to debase and criticize the components propounded in modernism. Postmodernists will always seek to find fault in the conventional ways of doing things and in most cases will not submit their solutions or alternatives even after negatively trashing the existing state of affairs (Featherstone, 1995). Postmodernism pervades all sectors of human life including culture, sport, sex, education, philosophy, literature etc .Most importantly, postmodernism if a function of the human

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