Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Profession Of Freelance Writer And Its Perspectives Essay

Profession Of Freelance Writer And Its Perspectives - Essay Example After a few email queries back and forth, I was able to conduct an interview with Ms. Strain via Skype. What she had to say about being a freelance writer completely changed my attitude about what writing is and its usefulness in the real world of business. "Being a freelance writer isn't at all like being the starving artist in the Garrett," Ms. Strain said when I mentioned my impressions to her. She was laughing, so I didn't worry that Id offended her. In fact, her easy-going attitude made it very easy to ask questions I might not have asked someone who was more uptight. After we got done laughing, Ms. Strain explained that freelance writers are master jugglers who must change costumes, objects and the numbers of objects flying at a moments notice. Instead of just sitting around dreaming up the next Great American novel, she explained that freelance writers like herself are usually kept very busy by the corporate world writing things like white papers, promotional video scripts, product descriptions, sales materials, technical manuals, case studies, web pages and internal business-related documents like business plans and project proposals. Ms. Strain also writes creatively, though, so she offers other writers services like ghostwriti ng, editing, reviews, and proofreading. The types of written materials she produces can be very different from one assignment to the next not just because the type of document shes writing is different, but also because the audience or the purpose might be different which means the tone of voice and types of proof she needs to use will change. When I asked Ms. Strain who she wrote for, her quickest answer was to say "anyone who will pay me!" But then she went on to explain that most of her clients were businesses or government and most of the work they send her way is related to the natural flow of business.

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