Monday, September 9, 2019

GOLF Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

GOLF - Assignment Example The players competing in a golf game use varied types of clubs to place a ball into a series of holes scattered across a golf course. The size and dimensions of a golf course are not well defined as in other sports. Each golf course has a unique design and layout and may have either eighteen or nine holes. Each hole in a golf course has a teeing ground that is â€Å"the starting point of each hole, where the tee markers are (PGA Professional 20)†. A teeing ground comprises of a bounded tee area that includes the putting green and varied hazards like rough and fairway. Putt pertains to a shot made by a golfer with a golf club to make the ball roll. Putting green happens to be â€Å"the most closely mown and smooth area on the course, which is specifically prepared for putting and on which the hole is placed (PGA Professional 16)†. Hazards consist of bunkers filled with sand or some other stuff and water hazards like ponds and ditches that make the game more complex. A si ngle round of golf involves rolling the golf balls in all the holes on a golf course as per a specific order. This order is set as per the layout of a particular golf course. In a golf course consisting of nine holes, the rules are the same except the fact that a game comprises of two following nine-hole rounds. A Player is usually required to keep on hitting a ball until it is holed that is put in a hole. Golf is a game that could be played either individually or in groups. The player who manages to put the ball in all the holes during a round by resorting to the least number of strokes in a round is considered to be the winner. Mainly there are two basic types of golf that are match play and stroke play. In match play, each hole is considered to be a separate contest, and of the two players or teams, the one that wins the maximum number of holes is declared to be the winner. In stroke play, the strokes made by each player to push the ball in every single hole are

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