Saturday, October 5, 2019

THE MISSING PET Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

THE MISSING PET - Case Study Example A viable business model is important for any business. This is especially so for a business that has a large market with existing service and product providers. The market suppliers are very important for Dwayne and Fred’s chosen industry. Having suppliers ready and willing to provide takes out some of the leg work and allows for time to be spent on organizing other areas. Experience is also very important. Dwayne and Fred is both familiar with the industry so they are not going into the new business blind. The access to capital was their but could be more abundant. Capital is likely the least viable part of their business model. Numbers are very important in any business venture. The numbers will show if there is even a need for the given business. The numbers for Fred and Dwayne are close but with what the bank is allowing it will be too far off. The projected sales are just not enough to keep inventory and have enough operating costs. If Dwayne and Fred want to keep enough inventory and be successful they will need to borrow more money to make it past the crucial first year in business. There are many assumptions made by Fred and Dwayne that are unreasonable. Yes, they had industry experience but it seems as if they didn’t really have in focus what it would actually take to keep the business operating smoothly.

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