Monday, October 7, 2019

Satisfaction Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Satisfaction - Research Paper Example â€Å"The workforce in the health sector has specific features that cannot be ignored and motivation can play an integral role in many of the compelling challenges facing healthcare today† (Lambrou, Kontodimopoulos, and Niakas, 2010). The manager of the hospital or the health care center assumes the prime responsibility for keeping the nurses satisfied, because the performance of the organization as a whole is directly linked with the individualistic and collective performance of the nurses. This research was conducted with an intention of identifying ways to satisfy the nurses. Patient care is one of the most sensitive tasks that need to be dealt with immense delicacy and prudence because it not only involves dealing with people’s emotions along with taking care of their health but also has the potential to affect the public image of the hospital or the health care center for better or worse depending upon the quality of patient care delivered in it. Among the issues a manager of a hospital or a health care center is exposed to, two of the prime issues include late arrival of nurses, and shortage of nurses when they are needed on urgent basis. The patient care is scheduled and everything works according to a plan. In such circumstances, late arrival of nurses disturbs the schedule which causes the issues of time management to surface. At the end of the day, this behavior of nurses incurs the hospital many indirect costs, which reduce the profitability of business. On the other hand, shortage of nurses when they are needed on urgent basis is very dep ressing for the managers and administrators and it also brings a bad name to the organization. Rewarding the employees is fundamental to help them maintain a high self-esteem at the work place and keep their motivation for work high, and the same rule applies on the nurses. Nurses need to be rewarded in order to be satisfied enough to deliver their best

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