Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Essay --

Disasters are sudden and tragic which experiences huge loss, damage, destruction, waste of land and life. Most times it becomes difficult measure the damage resulted through disasters. It harms the complete living status of the dwellers of the affected and neighboring area by interfering in their socio-economic growth. The impacts of a disaster includes ridiculous disturbance in the usual living condition as the basic necessities like food, health, home, etc becomes inaccessible. Classification and characteristics of disasters: Natural and Manmade are the two basic categories of the disaster and as per their destruction, these are further classified into major or minor disasters. The 21st century feels to be the worst victim of both natural and manmade disasters. Equally major and minor natural disasters already started to hit the prosperity of the humanity and the manmade disasters are ready to fire. Yes, the current recorded impacts of deforestation, pollution, epidemics, road accidents, inhumanity, etc like manmade disasters are evident of upcoming tragedies. Natural disasters h...

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