Friday, August 30, 2019

Barack Obama’s Speech †Global Village Essay

The term Global Village is defined as a world that is globally connected by all forms of media. Basically, people’s personal experience while living in a global context has affected their attitudes about the world. Throughout â€Å"A New Beginning† speech, Obama debates that living within a modern society based on the concept of Global Village, the American’s and Muslims should respect one another and cooperate. His goal is to unify the Western world with the Islamic by promoting tolerance and change. The president depicts the positive and negative aspects of Global Village where the American beliefs and values of equality, peace and responsibility are developed by literary techniques incorporated to employ ideas surrounding this. This allows the audience to gain a deeper understanding about his purpose of the speech, and what he aims to gain from it. The speech evaluates the positive aspects of Global Village, where he highlights the advantages including the connection between cultures and better education about the world’s changing views. The president’s main concentration was based on America’s responsibility as a country to help Iraq develop a better future. The extended repetition of the word â€Å"responsibility† emphasises that issues raised are not based on the individual but on a global responsibility to change to the better. The influence of Global Village has allowed better communication between America and Iraq, where America has agreed to remove all American troops from Iraq. This has ensured trust and unity, portraying â€Å"Iraq as a partner and never as a patron†. The use of simile and contrast between the words â€Å"partner† and â€Å"patron† signifies equality and partnership. Obama continues explaining about the detrimental history experienced by women, focusing on gender equality. He does this by conveying the importance of the issues of woman’s rights currently faced on a global scale too. The quote â€Å"I reject the view that woman who choose to cover her hair is somehow less equal but believe that a woman who is denied an education is denied equality†. This depicts the president successfully appealing to the Islamic audience, rejecting the stereotype that women who wear the hijab are less equal, but puts forward his belief that women who are denied education on a global scale are denied equality. There is a constant debate about this issue, however Obama strives to achieve equality for woman in Islamic culture through â€Å"expanded literacy for girls, and to help young women pursue employment†¦Ã¢â‚¬  and to â€Å"live their dreams†. To juxtapose against the positive aspects of Global Village presented within the speech, Obama also addresses the negative consequences of this which consist of the violent extremists and the development of harmful weapons in the modern world of today. Here the president confronts this issue in all of its forms through the belief that â€Å"people of all faiths reject: the killing of innocent men, women, and children†. The situation involving the American troops in Afghanistan signify a â€Å"war of choice†, he speaks about the war, rather than acknowledging what has been done wrong such as the troops still continuing to fight in the war, unable to return back to America because of the uncertainty that â€Å"violent extremists in Afghanistan and Pakistan determined to kill as many Americans as they possibly can†. This leads to the partnering with forty-six countries that will strengthen the security of America. The issue discussed in the speech about the evolution of weaponry is concerning, as Barack Obama has decided that â€Å"no nations hold nuclear weapons†. With this quote, he ensures to all listeners and people around the world his own personal views and efforts in changing these legislations to make it an equal and safe world for everyone where nuclear weapons will not be considered an international issue anymore. However, if nuclear weapons are needed, they must oblige â€Å"under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty†. To make it a fair result, Obama has not completely banned the use of such weapons, but rather incorporated laws to reduce the risks of danger to appear. Thus, â€Å"A New Beginning† speech by Barack Obama exemplifies the advantages and disadvantages of Global Village and his view on not only America’s future, but directed towards an international scale. He has explained his efforts into what he plans to change countries to receive a better future, intending that â€Å"the people of the world can live together in peace. We know that is God’s vision†. This allows responders to understand the importance of Global Village and the impacts it can cause to the world globally.

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