Monday, March 30, 2020

Supremo free essay sample

One night, Boniface and other patriotic Filipinos met to establish a secret society. This is called Stagnating Gallivanting an Justinian Eng mega Knack Eng Banyan or Justinian. The purpose of the confederation is to rebel against Spain and liberate the Philippines. Boniface became the Supreme of the organization. While led by the Katie pan, Boniface met Gregorian De Jesus. Gregorian was courted her and soon they were married in the church of Bambino. They married again in accordance with the rules of the Justinian. Gregorian joined the organization was well.She cared for comments, guns and other equipment that is useful for the confederation. When the Spanish discovered the Justinian, Boniface and other colleagues left the city. They gathered at Paginated and there was determined to start the revolution. In the battle of San Juan, Boniface were withdrawn due to the strength of the opponent. But even failed their first invasion, quick turn spread the revolution. We will write a custom essay sample on Supremo or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Meanwhile, also shine as a leader Emilio Continual of Cavity Stationeries. Always wins the fight his army so much impressed with Continual.Here begins the conflict of Stationeries in Cavity. Split into two groups: the group Managing and Magical group. A convention held in Testers, Cavity two groups of Stationeries. As the Supreme of the Justinian, Boniface stood chaired the convention. They all agree to honor any agreed convention. They first established the Republic of the Philippines and subsequently held elections. Elected president of the republic was Continual even when he is not in the said convention. But when Boniface was elected as the Director of Interior, a Magical protest because he had lack of education.In anger, Boniface annulled the said election and immediately paved the place. In a meeting with MANIC, Andrea Boniface established a separate government. For Continual, Boniface leadership will led to great risk, he ordered to arrest him. Gondolas army went to Boniface and arrested him. Andrea and Procom were scrutinized for treason in the city in an attempt to overthrow the government. After the day of trial the siblings were proved guilty and sentenced to death. Not knowing the brothers death sentence. They secretly brought to the mountain of Tall.There, Jesus Procom Boniface separated. Boniface determined to kill them. He ran but the soldiers followed him and shot. Here ended the life of Andrea Boniface, Supreme of the Justinian. MOVIE REVIEW It was carried on with such a fantastic cinematography with a play of sepia tones and powerful musical scoring. Although there were just some scenes that needed proper lighting, to show the faces of the characters. Some were too dark while they deliver their lines. It shows us that even your fellow Filipinos can betray you, can be your worst enemies, for the sake of power and authority.Ammonias death, Benefactions wife, was too weak to start the Tory. Script couldve been more excellent with proper sequencing and editing. The last several scenes of the movie were too heavy to bear. Of course, I already knew what would happen in the story, but watching it was a very different matter. I do admit that I did cry a little during the last scene where the supreme met his end in a very harrowing manner. I consider it as one of the most beautifully shot Filipino films that I have seen. Despite its limitations in production sets, the movie could boast that each of its scenes was a scene of beauty.The director was very good in taking shots where either subtle actions or epic scenarios happened. Sadly, what could have been a very great movie had been shattered by inconsistent story-telling and lack-luster performances from some of the actors. It seemed like each scene was important, but when taken together they proved to be very limiting. The flashbacks used could have helped by adding them to clarify things and not just to add historical facts. Over all, the movie is great and I enjoy it. But El Presidents is better than this movie because of its not proper sequencing.

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