Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Hants Hotels Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Hants Hotels Report - Essay Example The strategy to be used in Hants hotels should address information quality, effectiveness of management systems and relevance of management system to decision making by management. The business should adopt an information processing centre that will gather, disseminate and coordinate information at all levels (Floyd and Wolf, 2010). The unit will be tasked to research and process on affront data arising and affecting the industry as a whole, location operations and size of the market. Once the data is processed, the information should be communicated in the most efficient channel possible to the relevant destination (Mckeen and Smith, 2008). This will help the management and other workers in the business react efficiently and effectively to current situations. To make the strategy effective, management has to organize and avail procedures on training workforce of the Hants hotel group on the use and usefulness of the information centre. This will make sure they are not left out but they are at the centre of the control (Floyd and Wolf, 2010). For the information management to be of optimal benefit to the hotel, information assembling and decoding should be done by all stake holders agreeing on key information decisions (Mckeen and Smith, 2008). This ensures that tools used in information management are used for realizable results and pay off expected is realized. Allowing consensus building in the information creation will help the business eliminate the following problems in information management (Peppard, 1993). Hants hotel group is under difficulty of delivering solution, thus, the information management center should recognize presence of complexity and manage it. To manage the complexities the information management should take clear direction and avoid use of simple approaches to solve the problem. Parallel activities should be planned to face the

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