Thursday, November 21, 2019

International Investing-DB3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

International Investing-DB3 - Essay Example Foreign direct investment is a market entry strategy that can be used to achieve market penetration into foreign locations. A foreign direct investment can be defined as a long term investment by a foreign direct investor in a firm resident in an economy other than the one in which the foreign direct investor is based (Kamal, 2011). For example if an American company starts a joint venture with a Canadian company that would be considered a foreign direct investment. In order for the United Nations to validate a foreign direct investment the investing company must purchase a controlling interest of at least 10%. A lot of countries depend on the capital foreign direct investment brings. In 2008 the amount of foreign direct investment worldwide was $1697 billion (Toscano, 2009). The implementation of foreign direct investment has several advantages. One of the greatest benefits of the use of foreign direct investment is that it benefits the local economy of the country receiving the inv estment. The economy benefits from the creation of jobs and from tax revenues for the local governments. Foreign direct investments are considered a durable type investment that will benefit the community in the long run (About, 2011).

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